Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday I colored my hair. You can see from my pic it's usually pink. I do love it when it's pink but recently I was given a lot of really nice clothes and my pink hair really clashed. I usually like to go darker in the fall and winter anyway. Why am I tell you this you ask? Because today I was taking a pic of my hair to send to my Momma and show her my new look. And check. It. Out.

You can see my confused look. What is that? I checked my flash. I didn't even have my flash on. I looked over my shoulder. Didn't see anything. I was not standing in front of a mirror. So I took another pic.
At this point I'm thinking, "Is that what I think it is?" So I took another.
I'm thinking, "Oh my gosh is that an angel? What is that?" I look over my shoulder again. Nothing. I wiggle the camera around and there is this big ball of light. So of course I take another pic.
Does that look like a hand to you? Hmm...

I normally don't get into stuff like this. So any skepticism would not surprise me. All I know is I know I'm not alone. Boom.

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