Thursday, June 7, 2012

Deeper Still

I keep having this picture in my head. It's tough to describe but I'll try.

It's basically just of me holding the Father's hand.

And He's leading me.

I'm not sure where, but it feels deeper somehow. He's taking me deeper.

We go up, over mountains and around obstacles.

Sometimes we go around the mountain...and then again...and sometimes again.

We go through things. Like tunnels filled with spiderweb like netting. They tug at my clothes and try to hold me back. But I notice as we go through my load is lighter on the other side. I left a heavy burden back in those webs. And I don't miss it. And I trust Him even more.

We cross rivers. Sometimes they are deep, nearly over my head and I loose my footing, but He pulls me along. He never lets go. I step out much cleaner then I was before.

It rains sometimes. And inevitably there is mud. And my feet sink in. He tells me to rest in Him but how do I rest and walk at the same time?

And occasionally we stop. Mostly because I can't keep up. He says it's easy but why does it feel so hard?

Because I've forgotten that He's the power pulling this train, not me. But He doesn't get too annoyed about that.

He waits.

And I breathe.

He speaks to me. In the dark places. He tells me He is near.

And not to fear.

He reminds me once again that it's not on my own strength that I'll walk this path. I remember the tunnels, and the rivers, and how far we've come. And I trust Him.

His hand lifts me up and I continue on. Following. Trusting. And suddenly the rain doesn't seem all that bad.

Many times the sun is shining. I have to shield my eyes as we walk into it. With light in His hair, He smiles at me and I see He is delighted to be on this journey with me.

He sings sometimes, and dances as we go.

He takes me to secret places. Places only He knows about. I wish I could stay there. Camp there. Live there.

But I know what He'll say.

Deeper still.

Never letting go. That's what love is.

It never lets go.