Saturday, September 3, 2011


A very good friend of mine recently shared this and it so touched me that I feel absolutely compelled to share.
She writes.....
New revelation floods my heart in waves.

The blood of Christ!!!

I am redeemed by the blood of Christ!!! Nothing owns me, I am in bondage to no one, no thing, anymore. I am free!
I am cleansed by the blood of Christ. All my sin. Every bit of it. All my pain, my habits, my pride, the voices in my head, my tendencies, my failures, my iniquities, my generational curses, my wicked thoughts, my rebellion, my shame, my deception, my anger, my rage, my insecurities, my confusion, my selfishness, my blindness. My thoughts of myself, my thoughts of others, every possible aspect of my life that carries decay, that is fallen...all of it. His blood covers it!!! I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why have I not seen this before??!!? Why did I think it had all to do with ME? Me always me, striving to get it, to get with it...when it was this simple. The blood of Christ, a free gift, paid for it all. I don't need years and years of counseling and mental adjustments to get over all my problems. I just need to put all my trust in the ever powerful, perfect blood of Christ!!! It truly speaks a better word than any other empty promise of freedom and happiness, gained through any other philosophy, state of mind or relationship. The blood of Christ. Covers it all, ties the knots that came untied in the Fall and keep coming undone in every aspect of my life ever since.

Through forgiveness, His and then mine, because of Christ's blood shed, I can walk every single minute of every day in a state of freedom. No longer chained to my inadequacies, my failures, my tendencies, my habits, my's the blood of Christ that makes me whole. It is finished, it is done, IT ALREADY HAPPENED!!! Now all I need do is continue the process of trust in this amazing, complete sacrifice and be perfected through faith in Him. I have heard of the blood of Christ since I was I am seeing its power revealed.

Why haven't I seen this before?!!?

Today my soul takes hold of more than I have ever received before. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!

This priceless, completely adequate gift takes every single negative about me, body, soul and spirit, and covers every aspect of each impurity and abnormality with wholeness...sin has lost its power, the curse is broken, and my soul is free.

This is no theory!!! 

Each day can only be a living out of this unfathomable truth. Any other reliance and hope, is deception and needless desert wandering. What Christ accomplished on the Cross I can live out every single day in continuously new dimensions. It all rests on this, and yes, I CAN REST ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

Praise Him for His blessed sacrifice.
Praise Him for His holy pure Son!!
Praise Jesus for His humble obedience to death on the cross. Your love!!! Your great love!!! For God SO loved the world, He LOVES us sinful creatures!!!...He gave You, Jesus, His Isaac, to death on a cross, that whoever of us sinners believed in the power of that one Great act, would be set free through relationship with You, which is Eternal life!!!

Praise Him who took my inherited sin and my own sinful choices in his own body so I could be free!
What a mystery! Yet how simple, how perfect, how clear. Yes!, the blood of Christ cleanses me from all sin.

Every aspect of my life that has death and decay and is marred by sin His blood covers with new life. The soul that sins must die. The wages of sin is death...yet Christ's blood cancels out all death, swallows it alive! and brings LIFE!!! ABUNDANT!!!

Praise God, I can enjoy this revelation in endless, revelatory ways. What joy in these humble, true reflections on a sacrifice not my own...a sacrifice that enables me to sacrifice for others. A love that comes from Divinity and plays itself out for others in my own life, an eternal echo of gorgeous beauty.

I can take hold of this! I can take hold of it. 

Debora Long