Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheek to Cheek

Hard to believe I wrote this over a year ago. In the blink of an eye my baby grew from 11 months to 24 months! Just wanted to repost this in honor of his second birthday since I didn't manage to blog about that. He still makes me smile in a way no one else can. We still like to dance. He still reminds me of the love the Father has for me.... 

I put the big kids down for naps and decided to get some house work done. Bret was happily playing in his play pen and I turned on some music. After a while Bret wasn't playing quite as happily. I picked him up, swung him around and started dancing with him cheek to cheek to "My Sweet Sweet Song". (listen here) My baby, 11 months old tomorrow. Singing softly to him, cheek to cheek. Smooching on his sweet neck. Smelling his sweet baby smell. "You are so good to me. You heal my broken heart," the words on my lips. "You are my Father in heaven." Twirling around the room with my baby. His goodness overwhelms me. How can a God who literally rides upon the clouds care so much about me? How can He love me so much? How can He take care of all my messes knowing I'm just going to fail again? "I will sing again, You are beautiful, my sweet sweet song." It's like this baby in my arms, this love He has for me. It's unspeakable, immeasurable the love I have for my son. I swing him around and he smiles. How I delight in this baby! How He delights in us, His children. He longs to pick you up and spin you around just to see you smile. "I will sing again, You are my Father in heaven, You are so good to me." Let Him delight in you. Let Him dance with you. "My sweet sweet song." There's healing in the music, in the dance. His heart beat in the rhythm. Bask in His love for you. Thank Him for all His goodness. It changes everything.