Monday, October 8, 2012

Well, Bless My Socks Off

We are a household that lives pay check to pay check. Not unlike many I'm sure. We have a lovely house and dependable cars and all our needs are taken care of but we often give up many of our wants. I'm pretty cool with this most of the time. I like living a simple life and am just fine not wearing name brands and all that. But I have been known to occasionally complain about not having a enough money for something I want or usually it's something I want to do. I've often asked the Lord for "big" blessings and to get us to the place where we don't have to struggle or go with out so many "wants." Anyone relate? I don't consider myself a discontent person but having some extra money to give, to save, to do any number of fun things with would sure be nice.


So Father has been teaching me. That's not always fun, but He's also really blessing me. Sometimes we get caught up in the big stuff or what we don't have and want that we miss out on the little things. So I wanted to list a few things that He's given me that's just been something a little extra. He's so sweet like that and it's a good way to remind yourself how good you really got it.

Last spring someone gave me a ton of beautiful, very nice quality winter clothes. I had to put them away over the summer but what a joy it's been to pull out all these goodies now that it's gotten cold again!

I recently was given 2 ginormous trash bags full of summer and winter clothes and was able to give away a lot of it. It's such a blessing to bless other people.

My mom was visiting recently and bought me and my three kids new shoes! WHAT?!

I found an amazing bargain at a consignment store and bought coats for my kids for less then what I was expecting to spend on one.

I give piano lessons. I've been so blessed to be able to do something that I really enjoy to help supplement our income. Last week two of my students had to drop out, which is a major, major bummer. I posted an add and that day got 4 more! 

My daughter needed some new markers for school and she just happened to win the quiet seat prize at church and guess what it was? A new set of markers! Can't make that up folks.

Just this week I was moaning and groaning about not getting to go on a date with my husband because we didn't have the money for a sitter and the cost of a movie. So last night was our family dinner at our church. There was a friendly chili cook off and I entered a chili in the vegetarian category and won!! I couldn't believe it. This is where the Lord really taught me something. I was honestly, secretly hoping for 3rd because I didn't believe I was good enough for 1st. So after they called the winner for 3rd and 2nd place I started to get totally disappointed! I was stunned when they called my name for 1st! Isn't that just like the Lord? Here I am hoping for crumbs and He's offering the banquet table. And don't you wonder what the prize was? A gift card to the movies! Now we can go on that date! I love it!

I've had to make a choice. Do I look at all that I'm missing out on and cry about it or do I look at all that I have and trust Him to bless and provide for me? What a joy it has been to list some of these things out and remember and thank Him. So often He's in the little, daily things we over look or take for granted.

I challenge you to look for Him in those places and see Him loving you in the quiet moments, in the smiles of your children, the phone call from a friend at just the right time, and the little blessings along the way.

I would love to hear some of your stories. Do you have a testimony of God smiling down on you in that special way that just changes everything? Please share in the comments!

Proverbs 30:8
...Give me neither poverty nor riches;
Feed me with the food that is my portion.

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