Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1- The Real Me

This is the real me, well sorta you can't see all my freckles, and there are a lot. No make up. Hah! As real as it gets for me since this was taken at 6 this morning. Imagine! I didn't break the camera after all!  
Today I helped a friend by watching her boys while she borrowed my car to take her daughter to the doctor since her car is in the shop. Funny how kids don't care about makeup. I had my four plus two and none of them seemed to notice. Even my 5 year old daughter who loves it when I let her have "sparkly eyes" didn't really care if I had makeup on or not. We played in the sprinkler and I jumped through with abandon, unafraid of smearing my mascara. I literally cannot remember the last time I didn't have mascara on. Putting mascara on is as normal for me as brushing my teeth every morning. It's just what happens, sometimes I reapply it later in the day. I very rarely even wash it off before I go to bed (don't judge). Several times today when I was tired or my eyes watered I had to remind myself that it was ok to just go ahead and full on rub my eye. No dabbing. It sounds so silly when I reread it but it's been so normal for me. One thing I realized today is that I'm going to for sure occasionally go without mascara. It's as freeing as not wearing shackles (ok that may be a bit dramatic but it has been a burden).

Wearing makeup makes me feel feminine and beautiful and I don't think that's a bad thing as long as it's not the source of my beauty. I decided to do something else to help me feel beautiful. I wore perfume. The expensive kind I save for very special occasions. I loved it. All through out the day when I got a whiff of it, it made me feel really good. I want my spirit to be as sweet as that perfume to God. I want Him to delight in me and I'm slowly starting to see how important obedience is to Him. Yes, He loves me anyway, no matter what but is there a measure of joy or satisfaction He gets when I obey? I think so because there is definitely a measure of joy that I feel when I do follow Him. It's a beautiful thing and it makes me feel beautiful.

What's up for tomorrow? Well more babysitting, visiting with family, and a piano lesson. Stay tuned, I know you can barely contain your excitement.

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  1. you are beautiful. inside and out. without makeup or with. love you.