Monday, August 1, 2011

50 First Dates

I have to tell you an amazing thing that happened at church yesterday. Before church started I noticed a young woman, my age sit a few seats away from me. I immediately knew God wanted to tell her something but I didn't know what or if it was for me to tell her. All through Praise & Worship I was really trying to listen for Him and prepare myself. Believe it or not when it comes to speaking to someone on God's behalf I'm not real brave. (Why is that? Thank you Father for not giving up on me.) Then I had an unusual thought cross my mind. The movie 50 First Dates. You can google it if you haven't seen it but to sum it up it's about a woman who had an accident. She wakes up each morning thinking its the day of her accident and doesn't remember anything up until then. This guy meets her and falls in love with her each day but of course she doesn't remember him. Anyway it's not really a "christian" movie so you can understand my hesitance. But I really felt it strongly so during a break in worship before the message I introduced myself and asked her if she had ever seen the movie 50 First Dates. She looked at me kind of strange but said that she had seen it. I reminded her that even though the woman in the movie forgot that she was in love with this man each morning, that didn't stop him from pursuing her each day until she fell in love with him all over again. There were days she pushed him away or ignored him but it didn't stop him. He would just try again in the morning. I told her that's how God felt about her. How He pursued her each day no matter how the day before went. That she didn't even have to do anything or make any effort that all she had to do was respond. She wept and it was a very beautiful thing. I found out later that she was a visitor and that in the car on her way to church she was praying something like this "Please God I know you can't possibly love me with the way I've been acting but, please forgive me." So no wonder she started weeping!! Praise God! Oh how He loves us! It's a beautiful thing for us all to hear. He's in constant pursuit of us.

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