Friday, September 30, 2011

$1 Jeans

No this is not a Craigslist add. I want to tell you how really cool my God is.

Today I was at Wal-Mart. I was just picking up some random things, light bulbs, diapers, ect. I walked by the women's department and was thinking about how I desperately need some new jeans. Gone are the days that I spend 70-80 bucks on jeans (that money now goes to pay for things like plumbers to remove baby spoons out of garbage disposals). You see I've lost quite a bit of weight since my 3rd child was born, which is really awesome, but nothing fits and with two kids in diapers a new wardrobe just isn't in the budget. So I'm reminding God about all these things while skimming the clearance rack. Eh nothing there. I move on to the more expensive section and pick out about 4 different pairs. None of them are anything super amazing but like I said, I'm desperate. Only one pair was without a price tag and I thought to myself "of course these will be the only pair that fit and end up being out of my price range." I tried them all on asking the Lord to step in, in some way. A coupon would have been nice. Anyway of course priceless pants are the ones I like best. I asked the lady for the price. She typed in the numbers and on the little screen pops up the numbers 1.00. I was confused and said. "Does that say 1 dollar?"

"Yep." She says and she smiles.

What?! As in American Dollars? Yep. And in that moment I knew that God loved me. Haha. Can't explain it. Might sound silly to some but I just know I'm His favorite.

He showed me again how special I am to Him and how big He is. I'm sure those pants were originally marked a lot higher then a single dollar. Yet somehow that's how much I paid for them. He's in the details. If you doubt that come check out my brand new, stinking awesome pair of pants. I'm going to remember what He did for me every time I see them. Every time I wear them I'm going to know He provides and He really is freakin' awesome.