Wednesday, August 9, 2017

John 13:1

I talk with women every day who struggle and I myself have struggled with letting go of unrealistic ideas of marriage that usually include prince charming who never gets tired, never has struggles of his own, never makes mistakes, is always romantic, writes love letters, brings home flowers, and most of all never fights with you (Thanks Disney). But the truth is that's just not what marriage looks like or is about most of the time. What I have discovered about this for myself and seen in others is that these desires usually stem from our totally justifiable, extremely beautiful need to be utterly and completely known and loved by Jesus. To be known by Him and found desirable 100% of the time....we want the fairy tale, "to be loved to the very end". I love that I get to look these women in the eye and say, "You're not wrong in wanting to be swept off your feet. But Jesus is the One you want." And I love that I get to see Him in my husband and we can be that for our kids and those we meet. And I love love love knowing that Jesus loved with a love that was so completely poured out to the very end. Until His end on the earth, yes, but His "end" never ends. He's loving completely right now. The word "end" here actually means "continually" it's more descriptive of the amount of love not the time in which it will stop. "To the uttermost, in the fullest degree, up to the limit." Can you see Him in the final hour,  ready for what was ahead knowing He had loved them in the fullest degree. And He lays His life down for them and for us. It's the stuff fairy tales are made of, folks, and it's perfect. He's the one you want. Don't look for that complete love anywhere else because I guarantee you won't find it.