Monday, August 29, 2011

God of Hope

I was thinking about the prodigal son last night. We have probably all been there and probably all know someone who is like the prodigal son. I was praying for this certain someone in my life.

Feeling hopeless.

"God what if they never come home?"

You know what I believe He said?

"I'll still be watching. Hoping."

God hoping? Does God hope? I mean, yeah I guess He does but I never thought of it like that before.

He gave His Son. Hoping.

The Father stood there on his porch waiting for His son. Watching. Hoping he would return. Knowing he may never come back.

Even though nothing changed about this person in my life, my perspective did. No matter what, God doesn't give up. Why should I? Can I trust Him enough to fall back into the ocean of hope that is the Father's love? For today. I can chose hope and joy and love. For today. That's all He's asking of me. His grace is enough for today.

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